Marshfield Ice Cream


General FAQs

We hope to have answered any questions you might have about our products.

  • Can I buy directly from the farm?

    Yes you can. We recently renovated one of our old farm buildings into an ice cream parlour. You can buy our ice creams and sorbets to eat in or to take away.

    The shop is open every weekend from Easter until the end of September. If you wish to buy from us during the week, this needs to be arranged in advance by calling us on 01225 891 221. Please visit our Where to buy pages for more information on buying from the farm and for a map stockists near you.

  • Is Marshfield Ice Cream available in supermarkets?

    We are proud to sell in independent outlets and do not supply any supermarket chains.

  • What is unique about Marshfield Farm products?

    Our ice cream really is made on the farm unlike some other ‘farm produced’ ice creams. The Hawking family have farmed this land since 1971 and today Will and Dawn Hawking and their three children live in the farmhouse with the milking parlour and ice creamery just across the farmyard from the house.

    Every tub of ice cream we produce is 60% fresh organic milk produced twice a day by our herd of 200 cows – there’s no skimmed or powdered milk in our products!

    Our 1,000 acre farm is farmed organically to Soil Association certifications so all the milk used in our ice creams is organic. We source the best natural ingredients containing no artificial nasties; 75% of which are locally produced. There are no cheap ‘fillers’ in our products.

    We also own our farm which means we don’t have layers of management or fancy factories. This keeps our costs low and we pass this on to our customers in the form of great products at affordable prices!

  • Where are your ingredients from?

    60% of every tub of Marshfield Farm ice cream is made up of organic milk produced by our own herd of Friesian cows – the distance this ingredient has to travel is just a few metres!! The rest is made up of the finest ingredients we can lay our hands on – sourced as locally as possible. In fact 75% of our ingredients come from within a 50 mile radius of the farm. For instance the brownie pieces in our Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream come from the famous Marshfield Bakery just down the road. Our strawberries and blackcurrants come from the Vale of Evesham which has been known as the fruit & veg basket of England since Medieval times. The cream comes from Blackmore Vale Farm in Dorset. Those ingredients which can’t be found locally are the best we can find. For instance our Very Vanilla ice cream contains the finest vanilla pod seeds from Madagascar.

  • What environmental policy does Marshfield have?

    Marshfield Farm is continually working to minimise its environmental footprint and has always embraced new green energy developments. Our farm is organic – certified by the Soil Association, so self-sufficiency and sustainability are key priorities for us. A wood pellet boiler means we are carbon neutral for heating and hot water in the ice creamery, solar panels provide 20% of our electricity requirements, a borehole provides all the water required by the farm and the office, a heat recovery system is in operation in the milking parlour. Our air miles are as low as possible: 75% of the ingredients we use are from within 50 miles of the farm, 95% of the food the cows eat is produced on the farm and because all our products are made on the farm there are just a few yards between the milking parlour and the ice cream parlour so lots of travel is on foot.

  • What about the nutritional value of your products?

    Please visit the Our Flavours page for full nutritional breakdowns of some of our products. Please bear with us while we work on providing information on the remaining products!

  • Do you use artificial colourings, preservatives or additives?

    No! All our ice creams and sorbets contain only natural ingredients.

  • Do you make any low fat or fat free products?

    All our sorbets are 100% fat free. It’s also worth mentioning that our dairy range of ice creams is typically only about 7% fat by volume. That’s less than half the fat of a bag of crisps!

  • Are your products suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs?

    The entire Marshfield Farm range of ice creams and sorbets is suitable for vegetarians. Our entire sorbet range is gluten free and suitable for coeliacs. Most of the ice cream range is gluten free, those that are not gluten free are marked (please refer to individual products in the Our Flavours section). Sorry, our products are not suitable for vegans.

  • Are your products organic?

    Our final products are not certified organic. However because our farm is organic, the milk that goes into every tub of ice cream is organic milk (60% of every tub is made up of our organic milk). The other ingredients we use are as natural and of the best quality as we can find, but are not necessarily organic, because some are not available organically and some would make our ice cream rather expensive.

  • Do you make diabetic ice cream?

    We do. Our Diabetic Vanilla is available as a mini tub (125ml) while stokes last. The ice cream, which won two gold stars in the Great Taste Awards, is suitable for people with most types of diabetes. But please do check ingredients carefully.

  • Do you make any dairy free products?

    Yes – our sorbet range is dairy free.

  • Do your products contain nuts?

    We have a nut-free policy in our factory. In practice this means we do not make any ice creams that contain nuts. However, we cannot guarantee our products are 100% nut free because some of the ingredients we add to our ice creams are produced in factories that handle nuts.

  • Do your products contain Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil (HPKO)?

    No. None of our products contain HPKO.

  • Is there alcohol in Marshfield products?

    Yes. Our Rum & Raisins, Christmas Pudding and Brandy ice creams contain alcohol. In the sorbet range our Champagne flavour contains alcohol.

  • Can I sell your ice cream at my wedding or fete?

    Yes you can. Please visit our Hire page for information on how to have Marshfield Farm Ice Cream at your event or celebration. You can rent equipment and buy stock directly from us. We also work with a number of ice cream companies who specialise in weddings, shows, fetes and festivals and use traditional bikes, trailers or even a retro VW van – all filled with our ice creams and sorbets.

  • Do you run farm tours?

    If you are a school or college and would like to bring your class to visit the farm or ice cream factory as part of your classwork then please have a look at our Community Work page.