Marshfield Ice Cream

Our Family

We have a small family-based team of employees. In fact, there are three couples that work in the business!

The farm and ice cream team work together throughout the year. It’s not unusual for admin staff to be seen herding chickens or stray calves, or tractor drivers delivering ice cream (they do get changed first!).

Will Hawking


Dawn Hawking


Tony Monk

Production Manager

Richard Elcock

Tractor Driver

Mark Brimble

Cold Store Supervisor

Kerry Moorhouse

Sales Administrator

John Stevens

Warehouse Yard Manager

Eddie Ingram

South West Sales Manager

James Smith


Matt Brain

Packing Supervisor

Daniel Williams

Northern Sales Manager

Gill Scott

Admin/Marketing Assistant

Karen Francis

Food Technologist Manager

Kelly Field

Marketing Manager

Dan Pomeroy

Farm Hand

Geoff Monro

Senior Sales Manager

Dan Brinkman

South East Sales Manager

Sandra Whitcher

Sales Manager

Anne Wright

Northern Sales Manager

Rob Elcock

Tractor Driver

Andrew Hole Jones


Lucy Traynor

Sales & Accounts Co-ordinator

Duncan Ashman

Sales Manager

Chris Hazell (aka Trigger)