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DIY: Cookie Freakshake

Despite its towering size, this Cookie Freakshake is the perfect creation for children to get involved with. Hand over the ice cream scoop and pass the kids the rolling pin to smash the cookie pieces, as even down at the farm the adults are fighting over making this freakshake up!

DIY: Donut Freakshake

Find below our DIY: Donut Freakshake recipe using our own Vanilla Clotted Cream ice cream. After all, when life gives you ice cream, make some freaky freakshakes!

Cherries Jubilee Sundae

Cherries Jubilee is usually prepared in a chafing dish “tableside” at elegant restaurants for a grand presentation! We’ve made it with cherries soaked in Kirsch overnight and added whipped cream (because we’re dairy farmers!!)