There appears to be a strange/unusual smell coming from my freezer

March 23, 2022

If a smell develops after the unit has been operating for a while (eg. a rotten, mouldy or decaying smell), this can only be caused by something not connected with the appliance itself.

Remove all product and switch off the unit.

Residues of ice cream on glass shelves and in the seals etc. Clean and sterilise thoroughly using diluted Milton sterilising liquid or bicarbonate of soda as instructed above.

Ice cream may have found its way onto the compressor and evaporation tray via the defrost drain. The residual heat given off by the compressor will cause ice cream remnants to emit unpleasant smells which can penetrate back into the appliance via the defrost water drain.

The compressor is the black motor type device, at the back of the unit, usually on the right hand side as you are facing the back of the unit. Above the compressor there will be a tray. Please do not remove it, but use paper towelling, jay-cloths or similar to mop up as much of the build up as possible.

Then dilute some Milton sterilising liquid or bicarbonate of soda in an egg cup full of warm water and pour this down the drainage channel, which is located in the gulley above the ice cream display. This will ensure that any remaining bacteria or fungi that is collecting in the pipework or in the evaporator tray will be killed off and should get rid of the smell.

If you are experiencing some drainage issues we recommend a standard, plastic bendy drinking straw inserted into the drainage hole to a depth of 6 - 8 inches, this should move any blockage and hopefully solve the problem.

You could also use a pipe cleaner or cotton bud but we DO NOT suggest you use solid objects like screwdrivers.

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