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Easter Sundae

While our parlour doors remain closed, we’re bringing a taste of the farm from our fields to your front door!

This Easter, why settle for chocolate eggs when you can make your own EGGstra special Sundae with all the chocolate trimmings? Packed full of our favourite parlour toppings, no other dessert quite says Easter like a Sundae.

Made in a bowl or cracked into a chocolate egg, it’s time to scoop up a Sundae masterpiece! In this super simple sundae recipe, it’s all about creativity. We’ve based the ingredients off our very own Parlour Sundae Kit that formed part of our Home Delivery Easter offering.

Marshfield Farm Top Tip

To us, Easter means chocolate but that doesn’t mean you can’t serve your sundae with our berry ice cream flavours! Contrast a indulgent chocolate ice cream flavour with a light and fresh berry scoop for a medley of tastes.


Our Easter Sundae Kit contains the following items, if you didn’t get your hands on a kit, feel free to substitute any of your own extras:

  • Chocolate mini eggs
  • Chocolate smarties
  • Mini marshmallows
  • A chocolate flake
  • Two Marshfield Farm wafer disks
  • And our farm parlour signature cocktail umbrellas!


  • Two – three scoops of ice cream per serving
  • Whipped cream

Recommended Flavours

Chocolate Fudge Brownie

White Chocolate with Honeycomb Crunch

Cookie Dough

Funky Banana

Heavenly Honeycomb

Jelly and Ice Cream

Very Cherry


  1. Scoop your favourite ice cream flavours in a dish (or easter egg!)
  2. Layer in your toppings, we’d recommend adding squidgy inclusions like marshmallows amongst any chunkier toppings like mini eggs to add texture!
  3. Add whipped cream to your sundae
  4. Finish with your remaining ingredients and decorate with a cocktail umbrella and wafer disks!

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