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Halloween Trick or Treat Freakshake

When you think of Halloween what comes to mind? On the farm we have lots of families getting excited for fancy dress parties and trick or treating. So to celebrate, we have created our very own Trick or Treat Freakshake, perfect for parties and after-dinner desserts.

Ever wondered what two flavoured shakes would taste like together? In our Trick or Treat Freakshake we’ve combined the refreshment of our Orange Sorbet with the sweetness of a Chocoholic Heaven milkshake – and we think it’s great! What flavours would you combine? Tell us on social media and share your pictures with us by tagging us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

Marshfield Top Tip

We always use whole milk in our milkshake as it keeps our milkshakes creamy, thick and full of flavour. On the farm we also use whole milk in our sorbet milkshakes, but they taste just as great with alternative dairy products such as coconut or almond milk.


Sorbet Shake:

  • 100ml whole milk
  • 2 scoops of Orange Sorbet

Chocolate Thickshake:

  • 100ml whole milk
  • 2 scoops of Chocoholic Heaven ice cream


  • an extra scoop of Orange Sorbet
  • 1 tbsp. Nutella/sweet spread
  • a handful of chocolate sprinkles
  • wafer curl
  • chocolate lollipop
  • sweet skewer pieced with fizzy sweets

Recommended Flavours

Chocoholic Heaven

Orange Sorbet

Rich Clotted Cream

Lemon Sorbet


The key for this recipe is to keep your shakes as thick as possible – the thicker the better really! This will get you pouring both flavours in your glass in a swirl design, keeping the flavours separate.

  1. Spread Nutella around the rim of the glass and roll your glass in sprinkles. Leave in the fridge for at least 15 minutes to become solid
  2. Make up both shake recipes by separately wizzing up your milkshake recipe (ice cream and milk), and your sorbet shake  (sorbet with milk)
  3. First pour the milkshake into your glass, then slowly top up with your sorbet shake
  4. Place an extra scoop of sorbet on top of your jar and shower with any remaining sprinkles
  5. Finally, we’ve decorated our jar with a chocolate wafer pierced through a straw, a white chocolate ghost lollipop and a sweet skewer packed with flying saucers, a red sour ribbon and toffee popcorn. Go crazy, it’s Halloween after all…

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