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Homemade Salted Caramel Sauce

Everyone loves a caramel sauce – but adding a hit of sea salt lifts it beyond recognition! Here’s our version!



100g white sugar
100g soft brown sugar
125ml water
100g butter, cubed
100ml double cream
1tsp good quality sea salt


Recommended Flavours

Salted Caramel



Using a heavy based saucepan put the white sugar, soft brown sugar and water in and set over a medium heat. Swirl (rather than stir) to make sure all the sugar is wetted otherwise it might catch.

Swirl it every now and again until the sugar dissolves and the mixture turns golden brown colour – this will take a few minutes.

Remove from the heat and whisk in the butter til completely melted and then stir in the cream and the salt.

You can add a little more salt if desired (careful, it will be hot!).

You can serve this immediately or store in a sterilised jam jar in the fridge and reheat.

This is delicious poured over practically any ice cream! Here we’ve gone for our salted caramel ice cream, waffles and chopped banana. Pure decadence.


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