Marshfield Ice Cream

Individual Raspberry Pavlovas

Individual raspberry pavlovas in Kilner jars – made with our scrumptious Raspberry Ripple Pavlova ice cream.

Serves around 6.



1x 1 litre tub of Marshfield’s Raspberry Ripple with Pavlova ice cream

A punnet (approx. 300g) of fresh or frozen raspberries

250g caster sugar

Approx. 100g meringues, crushed


Recommended Flavours

Raspberry Ripple Pavlova



Over a low heat, soften the raspberries and sugar.

Soften the ice cream for a few minutes then decant into a bowl and mix in the crushed meringues.


To assemble

Divide the raspberry mix between the jars.

Then add the ice cream & meringue mix, leaving a small gap at the top of each jar.

Place the jars on a tray and put in the freezer for a couple of hours.

Remove from freezer approx. 10 minutes before serving.


Recipe created by Flo Hawking and Isabelle Sully

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