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Here at Marshfield Farm Ice Cream, we offer a comprehensive range of freezer deals for our customers – no matter your frozen storage needs!

Understanding the importance of having a good quality, presentable and eye-catching freezer is by far the best way to maximise your ice cream sales. 

Back in 2013 we began working with a freezer company called Interlevin Refrigeration. Together, we’ve worked hard so that we may provide you the best quality freezer we could. Over the years, we think we’ve developed the most comprehensive, high quality range of freezers yet – we’ve also negotiated some great deals on your behalf.


Marshfield Farm Freezer Deals
Download our full 2020 Freezer Brochure on the button below!

Take a look at our freezer options, prices and free stock deals in our 2020 Freezer Brochure!

Whether you are a scooping site or a retail outlet, we have a choice of freezers to suit your requirements. This year’s range offers the best possible displays across a range of sizes. All our freezers feature our very latest vibrant and eye-catching Marshfield branding. So whether you’re after a state of the art scooping cabinet or a back of house storage freezer, we’ve got the right freezer for you.

Contact if you’d like more information or to make a purchase.

You might also like to read our short manual on freezer maintenance. It was created for us by Interlevin Refrigeration and gives hints on the best time of day to restock your freezer, how wide the air gap around your freezer needs to be, and much more. For more information please contact us.

Looking for advice on Freezer Maintenance?

We’ve listened to your most frequently asked questions and have recorded a series of ‘How To’ Videos to help you and your staff keep your freezers at the highest standards. Our series of videos range from defrosting your freezer to cleaning the condenser coil, adjusting the freezer’s temperature and even changing display batteries. 

Watch Dawn teach you how to defrost and clean our SLANT 510 Freezers, or click through to our YouTube Channel and discover our full range of videos. 

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