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Here at Marshfield Farm Ice Cream, we offer a comprehensive range of freezer deals for our customers – no matter your frozen storage needs!

Understanding the importance of having a good quality, presentable and eye-catching freezer is by far the best way to maximise your ice cream sales. 

Over the years, we think we’ve developed the most comprehensive, high quality range of freezers yet – we’ve also negotiated some great deals on your behalf.

Take a look at our freezer options, prices and free stock deals in our 2020 Freezer Brochure!


Marshfield Farm Freezer Deals
Download our 2021 Freezer Brochure on the button below!

Whether you are a scooping site or a retail outlet, we have a choice of freezers to suit your requirements. This year’s range offers the best possible displays across a range of sizes and purposes. All our freezers feature our very latest vibrant and eye-catching Marshfield branding. So whether you’re after a state of the art scooping cabinet or a back of house storage freezer, we’ve got the right freezer for you.

Looking for advice on Freezer Maintenance?

Watch how it’s done!

We’ve listened to your most frequently asked questions and have recorded a series of ‘How To’ Videos to help you and your staff keep your freezers at the highest standards. 

Our series of videos range from defrosting your freezer to cleaning the condenser coil, adjusting the freezer’s temperature and even changing display batteries. 

Watch Dawn teach you how to defrost and clean our SLANT 510 Freezers, or click through to our YouTube Channel and discover our full range of videos. 

In Other News

Treats for all the Family this Christmas

Thanks to our friends at Laughing Dog Foods, we’ve got treat for ALL the family this Christmas on our Online Shop.

23rd November 2021

Meet our NEW Christmas Flavour

NEW to 2021, meet our festive flavour! Based on the famous speculoos biscuit, can you guess what this heart-warming scoop could be?

16th November 2021

Welcoming bees to our farm!

Our farm has suddenly become a whole lot sweeter. We’re buzzing with excitement to share the news that we’ve welcome two bee hives onto the farm – that’s close to 20,000 bees!

22nd September 2021

Freezer FAQs

We have listed below some of the questions that we are frequently asked. If you have a question and it is not listed here please contact your Marshfield Farm Rep directly or email us.

  • How do I know you have received my freezer order?

    Once you have completed the check-out you will receive an email confirming your order and payment. This will be the only receipt you receive, we therefore recommend you save this email as your invoice or print it off for your records. We would also ask you at this stage to double check the delivery details given are correct.

  • When will my freezer be delivered?

    The freezer will arrive within 7 to 10 working days from ordering.

    The transport company will text your mobile number to advise the scheduled delivery day. Standard deliveries will not be made on weekends and bank holidays.

  • What do I get with my freezer?

    It comes with internal baskets or shelves.  Items such as cone holders, scoops, point of sale can be bought through the POS shop.

  • Nothing happens when I plug the freezer in?

    Check your power supply including that plug is not damaged, the extension lead is receiving power and that plugs are fully inserted into socket. Try another appliance that you know is working in the same socket.

  • My freezer is on but not coming down to correct temperature?

    In the first instance please check your freezer manual for information on how to adjust the temperature. Adjustment for every freezer is slightly different – we have recorded a series of videos on how to do this on our most popular freezers.

  • Do I have to pay for delivery of my freezer?

    The purchase price includes delivery to an unrestricted UK mainland postcode. Standard delivery is between 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday, except bank holidays. If you require a delivery outside these times please contact the Customer Service Team who will be able to advise you of any additional charge.

  • What happens if I want to cancel the delivery?

    If you wish to cancel your delivery please contact the Customer Service Team on 01225 891221 as soon as possible. Cancellations may incur an abortive delivery charge.

  • What happens when the unit is delivered?

    The unit will be unwrapped and taken to the place of installation by the delivery driver. The unit then needs to stand for a minimum of 4 hours before plugging it in and 12 hours before putting any stock in.

  • What happens if the unit arrives damaged?

    When the unit is unwrapped, you will be asked to sign for it.   Please only sign for the unit if you are fully satisfied, as once signed for this acts as confirmation by you that you are happy with the unit.

  • What happens if the delivery is unsuccessful?

    If the unit will not fit through the door, or there is no one on site to accept delivery or your site has restrictions eg. stairs, no parking outside etc there will be an abortive delivery charge added to your account to cover the failed delivery charge. Please therefore ensure that the unit will fit through your door and to the place where it will be installed before placing your order.

  • What warranty do I get with the freezer?

    All new freezers are supplied with a 1 Year  parts and labour warranty.

    Second hand freezers will have no warranty supplied.

  • What do I do if I have a problem with the freezer?

    If you have a warranty issue with your freezer during the warranty period, please call the number on the back of the unit.   You will need to advise them of the serial number and model which can also be found on the back of the unit.

  • What if it is not in warranty?

    We do not offer a service for units out of warranty, we can however provide details for local engineers that we use in your area – you are however under no obligation to use them.

  • Will you collect my old freezer?

    We do not collect old freezers.  You are responsible for the safe disposal or re-purposing of the unit.

  • Can I have my freezer unbranded or with my own choice of branding?

    All freezers purchased on the Marshfield shop will be provided with Marshfield branding.  If you require your own choice of branding please discuss with your Sales Manager.

  • Does my freezer need any ventilation?


    We recommend that you leave at least 5cm free space around all sides of any unit to allow for good airflow. Failure to do this could result in poor performance or even it breaking down.

  • Can I use my freezer outside my premises?

    Your freezer has been manufactured for indoors use and we do not recommend any freezer for outdoor use.

    If however you want to take advantage of enhanced sales opportunities by moving it outside you should be aware that any warranty will be void and that you will be responsible for the repair, maintenance and ongoing mechanical up-keep of the unit.

    If you do use outside, please observe the following:-

    • its power source must be protected from rain and damp (it is an electrical appliance and is dangerous if wet)
    • protect it as much as possible from the elements (wind, rain, sun)
    • protect from direct sunlight.
    • If using an extension cable make sure it is a heavy duty type and we recommend only the freezer should be plugged into it.
    • after moving it into position please allow time for the internal gasses to settle before plugging in. We recommend ?

    You may notice an excess of condensation and ice build up – This is due to ambient temperature fluctuations and changes in the weather.

    You may also notice your ice cream is melting on the top – This will be due to the greenhouse effect through the glass.  Marshfield Farm Ice Cream will not be responsible for any loss of stock.

    You will find that the dust build up on the motor and condenser coils accumulates faster – Your freezer will keep temperature better and last longer if you clean this dust away regularly.

  • How regularly should I defrost my freezer?

    It is recommended that you wipe clean the unit every day to keep it looking clean and appealing.  We recommend you do a full defrost once a week as a minimum.  Remove the ice cream and store it elsewhere.  Unplug and allow it to defrost.  then clean with warm water.

  • There is an unusual/different noise coming from my freezer

    Some noises eg compressor or fan operating noises happen for technical reasons.  Noises like humming, hissing, bubbling or gurgling are normal and cannot be avoided.  However any extreme noise should be checked by an engineer.

  • There appears to be a strange/unusual smell coming from my freezer

    If a smell develops after the unit has been operating for a while (eg. a rotten, mouldy or decaying smell), this can only be caused by something not connected with the appliance itself.


    Remove all product and switch off the unit.


    Residues of ice cream on glass shelves and in the seals etc.   Clean and sterilise thoroughly using diluted Milton sterilising liquid or bicarbonate of soda as instructed above.


    Ice cream may have found its way onto the compressor and evaporation tray via the defrost drain.  The residual heat given off by the compressor will cause ice cream remnants to emit unpleasant smells which can penetrate back into the appliance via the defrost water drain.

    The compressor is the black motor type device, at the back of the unit, usually on the right hand side as you are facing the back of the unit.  Above the compressor there will be a tray.  Please do not remove it, but use paper towelling, jay-cloths or similar to mop up as much of the build up as possible.

    Then dilute some Milton sterilising liquid or bicarbonate of soda in an egg cup full of warm water and pour this down the drainage channel, which is located in the gulley above the ice cream display.  This will ensure that any remaining bacteria or fungi that is collecting in the pipework or in the evaporator tray will be killed off and should get rid of the smell.

    If you are experiencing some drainage issues we recommend a standard, plastic bendy drinking straw inserted into the drainage hole to a depth of 6 – 8 inches, this should move any blockage and hopefully solve the problem.

    You could also use a pipe cleaner or cotton bud but we DO NOT suggest you use solid objects like screwdrivers.

  • The freezer compartment ices up too much

    Make sure the door closes properly and the seal is in tact.

    There are certain factors, like the humidity of the air around the appliance, the frequency with which the door is open which can affect the amount of frosting that occurs.   Defrost the unit frequently (minimum of once a week for a full defrost)