Meet our B Corp Committee!

March 07, 2024

In honour of B Corp Month, we wanted to reintroduce our B Corp Committee!

People from across different areas of the business come together to make sure we are fulfilling our ESG Goals (that’s Environmental, Social and Governance Goals for those who’d like to know 😉) and make sure we’re having a positive impact on the world.

So who’s on the team?

Olivia, our Marketing Manager

Olivia is our Marketing Manager, working to make sure our brand and our products always make people smile. She's also helps create our new flavours, so if you've got an amazing idea, she's the one to talk to 😊

Chris, our Cold Store Manager

Chris is our Cold Store Manager and responsible for getting our ice cream out the door to you and regularly hangs out in our big freezer at -27 degrees! What he doesn't know about our Cold Store isn't worth knowing 🍦

Dawn Hawking

Dawn is our Chief Scooper, co-owner of the business and lives here at the farm! She heads up the Sales and Marketing team. Creating an ice cream for the family dog, Scoop, was her idea and I think we can agree @scoopsdogicecream is a hit 🤩

Flo Hawking
Flo is our Regional Sales Manager and covers our local Bristol & Bath area (among many other things at the farm). She is the eldest of the next generation of Hawkings and also creates @rogue.oat - a delicious fresh oat drink made right here on the farm! 🌾

Angus Hawking

Angus is also a member of the Hawking family and is our Sustainability and Impact Manager. He manages our carbon footprint, along with overseeing our ice creamery and making sure we’re always at the forefront of ice cream innovation 👣

Amy, our Sales Support and Ecommerce Manager

Amy is our Sales Support but is affectionately known as Freezer Queen and is responsible for organising freezers for our trade customers. She also runs our DeliverMOO online shop, getting ice cream from our farm right to your door ❄️

Adam, our Warehouse Manager
Adam is our Warehouse Manager, he’s handy with a forklift and makes sure all our ingredients are stored safely, keeping them delicious! He also runs our staff tuck shop, keeping our team well fuelled and happy! 👷‍♂️

If you'd like to find our more about our sustainability efforts, try reading our most recent Impact Report!