One of our favourite activities is to get creative in the kitchen with our ice cream. Why not have a go at making something a little special...

EGGcelent Easter Feast Cheesecake

Create your own ice cream cheesecake, with an EGGtra special Easter egg twist.

(Sorry, don't hold the egg puns against us, we can't help it)

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Zombie Brain Bowl

Two scoops of blue bubblegum ice cream, with melted white chocolate on top and decorated with lots of Halloween candy. Simple but spooky!

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Spooky Smores Hot Choc

Hot chocolate with a twist, we've added halloween themed marshmallows to the top and a scoop of Vanilla Clotted Cream!

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Bat Vanilla Sundae

There's no winging it here - why not try our Bat Vanilla sundae, using spooky scoops of our delicious Black Vanilla!

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Chocolate Fresh Chilli Brownie with Tracklements

How to make our tongue tickling twist on a classic indulgent chocolate brownie, using Fresh Chilli Jam from our B Corp Buds at Tracklements. Served with a cooling, creamy Vanilla Clotted Cream ice cream, of course.

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Wills 'at the beach sundae'

Hello, my name is Will and I am here at Marshfield Farm ice cream for my work experience. I'd like to share with you my recipe for a delicious sundae which will bring back those memories of days at the beach.

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Imogen's Very Berry Sundae

I'm here at Marshfield Farm doing my work experience and I have created this berry-licious, vibrant, summer sundae to enjoy on those hot sunny days.

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Scoop your way to an EGGcellent Easter!

This Easter, why settle for chocolate eggs when you can make your own EGGstra special ice cream Sundae with all the chocolate trimmings?

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After Dark Sundae

Our new Black Vanilla Ice Cream mixed with the classic Mint Choc Chip come together to create a delicious 'after dinner' inspired treat.

Ps. You don't have to wait until 'After Eight' to tuck in!

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Black Vanilla Biscuit Milkshake

Our new Black Vanilla Ice Cream mixed with Oreo biscuits, topped with whipped cream and crumbled cookie. It's black, it's bold and it is super-YUM!

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