All the latest news and happenings from Marshfield Farm HQ

Meet our new flavour: True Coffee

We're so proud to have created our delicious new coffee ice cream in collaboration with TrueStart Coffee, a family business based in Bristol. The new flavour is a creamy coffee ice cream made with our fresh farm milk and TrueStart Coffee beans. No added flavourings. Just True Coffee Ice Cream.

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Our new festive flavour: Midnight Mint Crisp

Meet Midnight Mint Crisp. Our festive limited edition! Creamy white chocolate ice cream with a touch of natural peppermint flavour with a generous sprinkling of dark chocolate mint crispies - why wait until Christmas Day to dig in?!

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It’s official, Marshfield Farm is now B Corp Certified!

We are extremely proud to announce that Marshfield Farm Ice Cream is now officially B Corp Certified, joining an incredible community of businesses promising to balance people, the planet and profit and continuously aiming for higher environmental and social standards.



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You named it native!

We had more than 400 submissions to our 'Name it Native' competition to name a Plant Based Ice Cream. The animal themed ice creams have had hand-drawn illustrations made for them and will be available to buy at Wild Place Project (soon to be called Bristol Zoo Project) in July.

Find out more about our partnership with Bristol Zoological Society here.

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The best thing since sliced bread!

We've teamed up with English Heritage to create a new flavour: Brown Bread Ice Cream.

Inspired by the Georgian obsession with ‘icy cream’ (which included bizarre flavours such as cucumber and parmesan) and based on a historic recipe, this delicious Brown Bread ice cream flavour includes brown breadcrumbs scattered through an indulgent double cream 
ice cream, made with fresh milk and finished with pieces of digestive biscuits.

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Name it Native! Win the chance to name an ice cream.

Name it Native! Celebrate the launch of our charity partnership with Bristol Zoological Society and win the chance to name an ice cream!

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Using Ice Cream as a Force for good with Jamie’s Farm

We are thrilled to announce an exciting charity partnership with our friends at Jamie's Farm, a charity dedicated to supporting young people facing challenges and helping them build brighter futures. 

We are hoping this will help make a greater impact than ever, using ice cream as a force for good, help with additional fundraising and raise awareness of the amazing work the team at Jamie’s Farm are doing. 

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Marshfield Materiality Assessment

The results are in! We asked you as our stakeholders to complete our Sustainability Questionnaire and an astounding 700 of you did. We're now working hard to turn your answers into a Sustainability Strategy which can make this year our biggest, brightest and most impactful year yet!

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Golden Oldie: Vanilla Clotted Cream wins Gold at Taste of the West Awards 2023

We're so excited to announce that we've scooped up four more Taste of the West Awards for 2023!

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