Life on the farm

One family, one farm

Our story first began when Will’s parents came to live on the farm in 1971.

Things looked very different back then. They used traditional methods to farm three hundred acres of land, with only two employees moving a mobile milking parlour out into a field to milk their small dairy herd of just 35 cows.

The First Taste!

In 1988, Will returned from agriculture college with a passion to diversify the family’s dairy business. As an ice cream lover himself, he took on the challenge to create his very first ice cream flavour – Vanilla! To this day it remains our biggest seller.

The Farm Today

Fast forward over thirty years and Marshfield Farm remains a thriving dairy farm, with the entirety of our ice cream production made on-site in converted barns!

The herd has grown to over 250 British Friesian cows, free to roam across eleven-hundred acres of organically farmed land. Our herdsman milks our cows twice a day, seven days a week and this milk is taken only metres across the yard to our on-site ice cream factory.

Straight From The Farm

Today we make over thirty award-winning flavours of dairy ice cream here on the farm, and just like that very first batch of Vanilla, we will only ever use our herd’s milk in our ice cream.

From our family, to yours

The Hawking family remain very much rooted in the business. We are three generations of farmers and over forty employees working across the farm and ice cream business.

We've grown from servicing the local shop and cafe, to national wholesale delivery, supplying over 5,500 independent Marshfield Farm ice cream parlours, cafes, restaurants and farm shops across the country!

Our commitment to the highest standards

Testimonal provided by Chris Warren, Clinical Director at The George Veterinary Group
"Working with James, Will and the team it is clear the welfare of the cows is always their first priority. As the vet for Marshfield it is so satisfying to work with a team who actively work to prevent disease; healthy cows produce good quality milk and that is exactly what happens at Marshfield.

The team at Marshfield are always striving to achieve the best for their cows. Their hard work and dedication is clearly visible in the health and welfare of their cows. Milk at Marshfield is produced in a sustainable way using grazed grass as the primary source of food.

As a veterinary practice we produce monthly benchmarking data for our dairy farms. This is on a range of health, welfare and performance parameters Marshfield ice cream are consistently in the top 5% of farms."

Plastic and our packaging

Our packaging is 100% recyclable.

We continue to work closely with our packaging suppliers and local health authorities to ensure our packaging is as environmentally conscious as it can be.

After successful trials, all our 125ml tubs are now being produced with a cardboard lid and a wooden spoon. Our 500ml tubs have a cardboard lid and the plastic lid on our 1 litre tubs is fully recyclable.