Meet our new flavour: True Coffee

November 22, 2023

We've been brewing something very exciting at the farm and we're thrilled to launch our latest flavour: True Coffee.

We're so proud to have created our delicious new coffee ice cream in collaboration with TrueStart Coffee, a family business based in Bristol. The new flavour is a creamy coffee ice cream made with our fresh farm milk and TrueStart Coffee beans. No added flavourings. Just True Coffee Ice Cream.

We first met Helena, CoFounder of TrueStart Coffee, when Flo and the team were at a sampling event for one of our local customers. Flo and Helena got chatting and quickly bonded over how both our businesses share values of creating a quality product to make people happy, while doing everything we can to have a positive impact on the planet and our community. At the time we were on our journey towards becoming B Corp Certified, and as a B Corp themselves, the TrueStart Team were incredibly helpful and gave lots of advice.

For a while, we had wanted to tweak the recipe of our Coffee Mocha ice cream. Although we always had a soft spot for it, the flavour was highlighted when we measured the carbon footprint of the business, as coffee is one of the ingredients which was responsible for the most carbon emissions. Having met Helena and Team TrueStart, who's coffee is Carbon Negative, it felt like the start of something really special.

After many cups of coffee and scoops of ice cream, we landed on the recipe for our best ever coffee ice cream.  It has no added flavourings, just the delicious creamy texture of our fresh farm milk and the rich, delicious flavour of TrueStart Barista Grade arabica coffee beans.

We know you're going to love it!

True Coffee is available now in 1 litre tubs and will be coming to your local scooping parlour very soon.