Black Forest Sundae

Chocolate ice cream, chocolate fudge brownie chunks, cherry pieces and a cherry ripple; meet our NEW, limited edition festive flavour … Black Forest Ice Cream!

Step 1

Grab your favourite flavours and a sundae dish. Drool melted chocolate around the inside of the glass. Dunk your cherries into any left over chocolate and allow the chocolate to set before putting to one side.

Step 2

Begin your sundae with a layer of brownie pieces and cherry compote. Add a scoop of Black Forest Ice Cream and a second scoop of Rich Clotted Cream to your glass, add with more brownie chunks and cherry compote between each scoop. Repeat until your glass is full!

Step 3

Top your sundae with whipped cream, then decorate your finished sundae with chocolate dipped cherries and crushed chocolate. Dig in!

Now why not try...

To make your own! Bake your own gooey brownies with our recipe and turn them into your very own jaw-dropping chocolate fudge brownie, ice cream sundae masterpiece!