Chocoholic Heaven Hot Chocolate

Take your hot chocolate recipe to the next level with a scoop of Marshfield Farm ice cream. 

Make your next hot chocolate with a scoop of Chocoholic Heaven to add a touch of luxury. This scoop has a thick chocolate sauce folded through a creamy chocolate ice cream, and we've finished every mouthful with a scattering of chocolate chips!

Marshfield Farm Top Tip

Keep your scoop and hot milk separate until the last minute so your chocolate chips are only partially melted. This way, in every delicious slurp you'll get warming bursts of melted chocolate chips.

We've finished our hot chocolate with freshly whipped cream and extra chocolate pieces, but make use of what you have at home! Marshmallows, chocolate flakes and crumbled biscuit pieces would work perfectly for this indulgent drink.

Step 1

Put your milk in a microwavable mug and heat for 3 minutes (or until warm)

Step 2

Add your ice cream scoops and stir through the milk to gently melt the ice cream

Step 3

Put your mug back into the microwave for a further 30 seconds to 1 minute, or until fully melted

Step 4

Remove your mug from the microwave and check the mix reaches the desired temperature and stir thoroughly

Last step!

Finish with whipped cream and flavoured sauce, then decorate with extra chocolate

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Chocoholic Heaven

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