Ice Cream Sandwiches

It may have taken us over 30 years of making ice cream on the farm, but we think we might have finally cracked the perfect ice cream sandwich!

This is not just an ice cream sandwich ... This is an award-winning, Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwich and it is so incredibly simple to make! Whether these ice cream sandwiches are devoured for date night on the sofa, or served on platters at your next special occasion, these hand-held treats are sure to become a firm favourite.

Marshfield Farm Top Tip

While we all love a crumbly cookie, it simply will not do for this sandwich.
In our recipe below, we used shop bought biscuits that were crunchy and as such, resulted in the perfect sturdy sandwich. If you fancy making your own cookies at home, just make sure each cookie has a *snap* and has cooled completely after baking!

Step 1

Take your ice cream out of the freezer and scoop into a mould lined with cling film. Another *Marshfield Farm Top Tip* is to use a mould that is similar in circumference to your cookie: this will save lots of mess later in the method - we used coffee cups but a muffin tin or biscuit cutter could also work.

Step 2

With the back of a spoon, smerge the ice cream into all the cracks on your mould. Ensure your ice cream is no taller than 1 inch in height with the moulds, any taller than this and eating the cookie sandwich may prove tricky ...

Step 3

Pop your new ice cream patties in the freezer and allow to freeze into shape. This could take anywhere between 30 minutes - 2 hours dependent on the temperature of your freezer and the thickness of your patty.

Last step!

When ready, turn out your patties from the mould, remove the cling film and serve between two cookies. Dust with coco powder and enjoy!

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