Pick & Mix Freakshake

We’re sure you’ve seen this crazy trend about – in fact, Freakshakes are so large they’d be pretty hard to miss! 

Over the years we think we've perfected our take-away Freashakes on the farm and we're excited to share our Parlour Recipe with you below. Whether you've visited us on the farm before or spotted one of these on your favourite dessert menu, there's some pretty wacky inventions out there. Freakshakes may look complicated, but we can guarantee that as long as you can make a basic milkshake, a little bit of creativity goes a long way ...

Marshfield Farm Top Tip

Freakshakes originated in Australia back in 2015 and were quickly welcomed with open-arms into restaurants and cafes across the world. There's no rules, by their very name-sake they're meant to be 'freaky' (bold, fun and attention-grabbing).

Looking closely, every Freakshake always starts with the same basic milkshake. After that, it's all about creating theatre! Cupcakes, waffles, cookies, sweets, pretzels, donuts, plus an abundance of whipped cream, sweet sauces, messy melted chocolate, the list goes on ... We'd therefore recommend having a theme to help you manage flavours; simple ideas include chocolate, sweets and fresh fruit.

Step 1

First, create your milkshake by blending 3 scoops of ice cream with 175ml of whole milk. A standard blender should mix up a thick, creamy texture in about 30 seconds. Don’t over-blend your shake, lumps are okay and if you’ve picked a flavour with chunky inclusions (toffee, brownie, strawberries) you want to keep as many of those in one piece as you can!

Step 2

Add a complimentary sauce inside the glass like chocolate or toffee if you have any to hand.

Step 3

Pour your milkshake into a glass, leaving a gap to scoop an extra ball of ice cream on top of your shake and/or add your whipped cream.

Step 4

On the farm, we put a lid on our cup and rest a doughnut on top of this. At home, be careful to balance your doughnut on the rim of your glass.

Step 5

Grab a BBQ skewer and pierce the stick with as many sweet treats as you can! We love mixing up sweet and sour with fizzy strawberry laces, cola bottles, gummy sweets, large marshmallows and flying saucers!

Last step!

Poke your BBQ stick through the doughnut, add a paper straw into the finished shake and enjoy!

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