Spooky Spiderweb Freakshake

We love getting creative with our ice cream flavours, and is there ever a better excuse to make a Freakshake than on the scariest, spookiest, freakiest day of the year?

To create this Halloween shake we’ve used our Mint Choc Chip ice cream in a thickshake recipe, and decorated the inside of a 12oz glass with chocolate sauce to create a spider web effect. Topped with whipped cream and a few eight-legged friends, you can choose how extreme to make this creepy-crawly Freakshake.

Marshfield farm top tip

Freakshakes can get very messy very quickly, to avoid a large clean up later we always use a board/large tray to capture milkshake spills (and explosions of whipped cream!)

Step 1

Blend the milk with your ice cream until all the lumps are gone.

Step 2

Swirl chocolate sauce around the inside of your glass to create a spider web design. Make sure your glass is dry to ensure the sauce stays sticky!

Step 3

Pour your shake into the glass and top with a large squirt of whipped cream

Step 4

Place a small slit down your waffle to make it easier to rest on the rim of your glass. Once toasted, decorate with more chocolate sauce

Last Step!

Start pileing up your toppings! We’ve gone with artificial spiders and a curly whirly leant against our waffle but the choice is yours – the bigger the better. Enjoy!

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