At the beach sundae

I'm Will, doing work experience for the week at Marshfield Farm.

This is my 'At the Beach' sundae, a delicious way to use your under the sea ice cream. A beachtacular sundae which will bring you back to days spend lounging in the sand with the waves at your feet.

Step 1

Take your sundae bowl and add two scoops of under the sea in one half and another two scoops of caramelised biscuit in the other.

Step 2

Do a quick squirt of whipped cream in between the two flavours

Step 3

Add a generous drizzle of caramel sauce over the biscuit and then a plentiful sprinkling of biscuit crumb over the caramel sauce.

Step 4

If you want you can add some of our chocolate turtles ontop of the under the sea and then enjoy your day at the beach sundae.

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