New 2021 Flavours!

March 29, 2021

Here at Marshfield Farm, creating flavours for all the family is what we love to do.

Whether you're tucking into a tub at at home thanks to our DeliverMOO Home Delivery Service or enjoying a cone with the family at your local scooping parlour, we love that our ice creams create Marshfield Memories.

This year, we challenged our technical team to be creative with our scoops and they did not disappoint! You can find full nutritional flavour information on Our Products Page and linked on each flavour below.

Jelly & Ice Cream


Meet our NEW wibbly, wobbly, Marshfield Farm Real Dairy Ice Cream flavour ... Jelly & Ice Cream!

Just like the inspiration behind this nostalgic scoop, your tastebuds will be in for sweet treat with our new beautifully creamy, MILK flavoured ice cream.

We've swirled a strawberry flavoured shimmer ripple into every tub and then mixed in fruity flavoured jelly sweets through every scoop. Available in 5 Litre Scooping, find full product information here.

Under the Sea

Sure to make a splash, say AHOY to our NEW Real Dairy Ice Cream flavour!

Raise a cone and dive into our NEW blue raspberry flavoured ice cream, swimming with chocolate turtles with a gooey caramel filling! To complete this scoop, we've swirled a blue raspberry ripple through the tub that just like the sun hitting the sea, sparkles in the light. Available in 5 Litre Scooping, full product information is available here. 


Something for all the family

Have you tried our Plant Based Ice Cream flavours? It’s the range that just keeps growing here at Marshfield Farm and this year we're bringing two of our most popular Marshfield Farm flavours to life in our Plant Based flavour range ...


Plant Based Mint Choc

We are thrilled to welcome Plant Based Mint Choc to our flavour family!

With a smooth peppermint flavoured ice cream base, we’ve loaded our newest *made without milk* ice cream flavour with dark chocolate chips and a luxury think chocolate ripple.

Available in 1 Litre Tubs and 2.4 Litre Scooping.

Plant Based Strawberry

Sure to melt hearts, this is our new for 2021 strawberry flavoured ice cream alternative.

Suitable for a vegan diet, this strawberry flavoured scoop has with a sweet strawberry ripple and bursts of strawberry fruit.

Smooth, indulgent and full of our Marshfield flavour, now everyone in the family can enjoy a delicious Marshfield moment. Available in 1 Litre Tubs and 2.4 Litre Scooping.

Now the news is out on all our new for 2021 flavours, which scoop in our lineup has your name on?

Let us know on Facebook and Instagram and follow us online for all the news Straight From The Farm.

More news straight from the farm

Meet our B Corp Committee!

In honour of B Corp Month, we wanted to reintroduce our B Corp Committee!

People from across different areas of the business come together to make sure we are fulfilling our ESG Goals (that’s Environmental, Social and Governance Goals for those who’d like to know 😉) and make sure we’re having a positive impact on the world.

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Our ice cream steals the show at LW Theatres

We are so excited to announce that we have scooped another five year partnership with LW Theatres.

If you're visiting one of LW Theatres for any of their spectacular shows, you can now indulge in a tub of our ice cream during the interval! Flavours on offer include: Vanilla Clotted CreamChocoholic HeavenPlant Based Salted Caramel and the latest flavour to our mini tub range: Strawberry & Champagne Sorbet.

We are so proud that our ice cream can be a part of cherished memories as people visit the West End with their families.

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Our latest Impact Report is here!

We are so thrilled to release our Impact Report, measuring the calendar year 2023.

It's been a big year for us, becoming B Corp Certified, establishing two official charity partnerships with Bristol Zoological Society and Jamie's Farm, and also working hard at the farm to achieve our ESG Goals created in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We hope you enjoy reading our Impact Report 2023, but here's a few highlights if you want a snap shot!

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Meet our new flavour: True Coffee

We're so proud to have created our delicious new coffee ice cream in collaboration with TrueStart Coffee, a family business based in Bristol. The new flavour is a creamy coffee ice cream made with our fresh farm milk and TrueStart Coffee beans. No added flavourings. Just True Coffee Ice Cream.

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