Birthday Cake Celebration Sundae

We've got your dessert covered with our simple sundae recipe.

With the launch of our Birthday Cake ice cream we're
not hanging around to scoop up this flavour. Serve two scoops of ice cream with a drizzle of strawberry sauce, an abundance of whipped cream and decorate with goodies from your cupboard. Grab a couple of spoons and tuck in!

Marshfield Farm Top Tip

Make your sundaes on a tray or large plate. This will help contain any drizzles and spills as your decorate your dessert. Create height on your centrepiece with BBQ skewers full of sweets. Look at our Pinterest page for inspiration on creative and crazy toppings!

Step 1

Drizzle your flavoured sauce inside your glass

Step 2

Warm your spoon/scoop in a jug of hot water and scoop two balls of ice cream into your glass

Step 3

Squirt whipped cream around your ice cream and drizzle more sauce on top

Final Step

Add your toppings to your sundae and serve.

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