S'mores Sundae

Life is S'more fun with friends!

So why not create this delicious S'mores sundae to share with you friends and family.

Made with Vanilla, Chocolate and Caramelised Biscuit Ice Cream mixed with crunchy biscuits and chocolate sauce, topped with whipped cream and gooey marshmallows, this is sure to be a hit with all the family.

Marshfield Farm Top Tip

For an extra indulgent treat, why not toast your mini marshmallows with a blow torch or under a grill before spooning them onto your sundae

Step 1

Grab your favourite sundae glass and drizzle with chocolate or toffee sauce

Step 2

Layer your favourite ice cream flavours with crumbled cookies and more sauce

Final Step

Top with whipped cream, more chocolate or toffee sauce and marshmallows. Enoy!

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