One of our favourite activities is to get creative in the kitchen with our ice cream. Why not have a go at making something a little special...

Home-made Chunky Rhubarb Crumble

We’ve developed this Chunky Rhubarb Crumble recipe to complement our tart and creamy Rhubarb & Crumble Ice Cream. Fresh out of the oven, this crumble recipe is the perfect winter warmer.

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Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwich

This is not just an ice cream sandwich ... This is an award-winning, Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwich!

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Big Night In Plant Based Brownie Sundae

Made with the darkest chocolate, these Bakesmiths Brownies are gloriously gooey and BURSTING with bold cocoa flavour. Serve with a scoop of our Plant Based Ice Creams for a decadent dessert made without milk.

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