Fresh farm ice cream, to make the whole family happy

One family, one farm, one herd of happy cows

Our ice creamery is less than 30 meters away from our cow barns, 95% of the food our cows munch on is grown by us and every drop of milk in our ice cream can be traced right back to the fields we call home. We champion sustainable farming and ice cream making, trying to make every scoop a step forward.

Ice cream, from our family to yours

We’ve been creating a whole host of award-winning flavours on our family farm for over 35 years.

Our flavours are inspired by British classics, with a few surprises in the line up too. From creamy to crunchy, fruity to fudgy, we truly believe we have something for everyone, including the dog!

Ice cream for dogs!

When we say ice cream to make the whole family happy, we mean the whole family.

Scoop's Ice Cream for Dogs was inspired (and thoroughly tested) by our family dog, Scoop and is a dog-friendly ice cream made with reduced lactose milk.

We've even teamed up with GWF Nutrition and added specialist dog food supplements.