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Deliver Moo

15th May 2020

Our Parlour Is CLOSED

10th April 2020

New Flavours for 2020!

20th February 2020

Jamie’s Farm The Big Give!

9th December 2019

Christmas Samplings

14th November 2019

Sustainable Packaging Changes

1st November 2019

Great Taste Award-Winner!

12th October 2019

Our Parlour is now CLOSED

30th September 2019

Taste of the West Award-Winners

12th September 2019

Our parlour is now OPEN!

12th April 2019

Spring on the Farm

9th April 2019

We are Hiring!

25th February 2019

Christmas Samplings 2018

20th November 2018

Plastic in our Packaging

28th September 2018

Gin & Tonic Sorbet

8th March 2018

Plastic on the Farm

21st February 2018

Our parlour is now CLOSED

28th September 2017

We are OPEN!

13th April 2017

CLOSED until Easter

30th September 2016

Competition Time

10th August 2016

Our Collaboration

20th June 2016

WIN a summer selection pack!

10th August 2015

Scooping at Stonehenge

7th August 2015

Have you tried our recipes?

Pick & Mix Freakshake

It’s one of our best-selling parlour items and we’re sharing our Pick & Mix Freakshake Recipe for you to make at home! The main ingredient for any Freakshake recipe is creativity – are you up for the challenge?

Home-Made Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Scoop your favourite flavour alongside this home-made chocolate fudge brownie recipe. Warning: the only problem with this family-friendly recipe is that they’re SO good, there’s a danger you’ll never stop baking them!

Pancakes with Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Did someone say Pancake Day? We’ve been perfecting our pancakes on the farm and can’t wait for you to try this recipe!